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Files and documents is a staple in a business, regardless of the kind of business it may be. From contracts and monthly reports down to the employee application forms and company memos, it would take a while before companies would go paperless.

Perhaps even impossible at this point because of how accessible print-outs are as opposed to providing tablets to every employee in the company. With that said, finding the right printer is crucial for the company’s success.

Regular printers aren’t built to produce large quantities of print-outs, and the size of the document will be limited as well. As such, it is essential to invest in an office printer that can print out larger sized documents in large quantities.

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Why Get the Epson WF-C579R Color MFP?

The Epson WF-C579R Color MFP is a compact, high-resolution printing machine that prints in fast speeds regardless of the size of the output that you are trying to reproduce. Due to its compact size, it works well for both big corporations and small businesses because it won’t take up too much space. Despite the size of the machine, the quality will not be compromised due to its high-technology features. From its replaceable ink pack system to its ISO print speed of 24 ISO ppm for both black and colored prints, it is one of the most productive and cost-efficient Epson network printers in the market.

Convenience Features of the Epson WF-C579R Color MFP

The Epson WF-C579R Color MFP promotes convenience for the consumers which is, in hindsight, what most companies would want because it makes the machine more comfortable to use. Usage plays a big part in the company’s productivity and the easier it is to use, the better the results. With this in mind, the following are some of the features of the Epson WF-C579R Color MFP:


Quick Printing

As previously mentioned, this product prints at a 24 ISO ppm speed regardless of whether you are printing colored or black ink documents. However, what makes it convenient is that there is no warmup time, further promoting efficiency when publishing.


Low Printing Costs

Printing costs will be relatively more economical than other printers due to its replaceable ink pack system feature. Moreover, to save paper, it also has a 2-sided printing feature.


High Quality

Despite its quick printing speed and low printing costs, the quality will not be compromised because of its high-technology features. One of which is the machine’s PrecisionCore Inkjet Technology power.


Increased Productivity

Fast 2-sided printing speeds and high-quality outputs help improve the company’s productivity because no time will be wasted when printing essential documents.

Both large companies and small businesses would benefit from investing in Epson Network printers due to convenience and high-tech features. The Epson WF-C579R Color MFP is the printer that will help increase productivity, which in turn, can lead to the company’s success.



Have a company to run? Epson Network printers are the products that you may want to invest in. From high-performance to high-productivity results, these printers are ideal to have in the office. One of the leading products that you can get quality and quick results is the Epson WF-C579R Color MFP.

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